About Us

Hass Crafts is a small family business, run by Thérèse and her twin daughters, Sinéad and Áine. Based in Co Derry, N. Ireland, we are passionate about stitching and crafting. 



Having over 40 years’ experience in the traditional craft world, stitching, quilting, wood carving, basket making to name a few. We try and bring all these elements on our journey.  Bringing connections of our land, its colours, language, and traditions to others around the world. Using locally sourced Irish Linen in all our embroidery kits, we bring the textures and colours of our homeland to yours.



It is our aim that everyone is able can enjoy the benefits of sewing, and we endeavour to inspire young and old to take up this traditional craft.  Our kits encourage the stitcher to add their own unique twist and personality to the piece, and.  We want our stitchers to be proud of the items that we have supplied, and which they have stitched.